Mac Fashion Posing tips for Females


Mac Studios has years of experience behind them and we know what it takes to create the perfect photo. All our clients are diverse so we work closely with them to bring out their best poses and highlight their strengths. We have put together some basic posing tips for female models:

  • Get used to working with you mirror at home and when you’re not busy. Practice makes perfect with posing and you will get to understand how your look translates on camera and what the photographer sees.
  • Create separation between your limbs, you do not want anything closes and pressing down, this will avoid anything looking bigger on camera.
  • Keep in mind where the light is so as to avoid casting shadows on yourself by putting a limb somewhere it shouldn’t be – be aware of your body and where each part is at all times. Shadowing can be used in images but only do this when instructed by photographer.
  • Recognise what your eyes are doing – your eyes play a huge part in a shot. Follow the direction of your nose this keeps eyes central and avoids any crossing or misdirection. Also don’t look directly at the camera, as this is not natural. You also want to create feeling within your eyes so trying half squinting, squint with your bottom eye lid which will look as if you are smiling and showing emotion.
  • Elongate your neck, this will help with posture, height and poise.
  • Keep your shoulders back, back straight and tummy in – this will give you great posture.
  • Keep your hands loose – tensing them will show through on camera and will not look natural.

The Mac Studios team has worked with many females and helped them create the ultimate image. We know our industry inside and out and enjoy helping our customers create their dream images