Mac Fashion Posing tips for Males

male posing tips image

Mac Studios has worked with many clients, male & female who are all different ages, sizes and looks. We know that every shoot is different and you have to work with the client to find their most comfortable poses,using techniques that bring out their best. We have put together some basic tips for Male models

  • Men look better with their bodies square to the camera, accentuating their broad shoulders and chest, it highlights a males attributes and adds masculinity to a image. We often ask our Male models to stand with their thighs half open as this helps with the posture.
  • You should pose with your weight evenly distributed on either leg or both.
  • Tilt your head to your lower shoulder not your higher one, the higher is considered feminine.
  • Drop of chin, this adds depth to your facial features.
  • Favourable positions for a male’s arms and hands are either – as fists, with his thumbs in his front pockets or across his chest, with his hands on his forearms and his thumbs tucked under each arm. Another arm-and-hand pose to try is with the fingers flat in the back pockets and the thumbs outside the pockets. The arms and hands hanging straight from the shoulder or the hands crossed just below the belt do not make a good shot and is very unflattering.
  • Your eyes should follow the direction of your nose or look away from camera slightly. Never look directly into a camera is doesn’t look natural or make a good photo.
  • If you are sitting down make sure you back is straight
The Mac Studios team always directs the client during a shoot, we will advise you on poses and great techniques to make a perfect shot.