Modelling Photo Shoots

modelling photo shoots image

Mac Studios has years of experience and a team full of industry experts, so we know what makes a good photo shoot. Below are some basic pointers to help you understand photo shoots and what is expected of models:


Being on time is a must for any model attending a photo shoot; clients and photographers do not want to wait around and be on a shoot longer than they need to. Time and money are precious.


Always tell someone where you are when attending a shoot, it’s imperative to keep your own safety a priority at all times.


Never feel pressured to do anything in a photo shoot you are not comfortable with; not only does this make you feel uneasy but it will also be reflected in the photos.

Signed released

Always get a photo release signed, this enables you to use your images as you wish to.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle at all times and get plenty of rest before a shoot – this will mean you look fresh and are able to give it your all. Shoots can be very long, so you need all the energy you can get.


Maintain high standards of professionalism at every shoot, whether it be your first time or hundredth time in a studio. Reputation is everything in the modelling industry so you want to impress your client and photographer, which will help you to get more work in future.


Your Portfolio is your CV into the industry so it’s important you have a high-quality one and keep it updated. As your career progresses you will accumulate more work to add to it – be proud and show it off!


Always listen to direction from the photographer or your employer for that shoot – they have a vision and you need to help achieve it. Also, communicate with your photographer at all times, it shows your willingness to learn; if you’re unsure of something it’s always better to ask.