Portrait Photography

portrait photography imagePortrait photography is one of the most common forms of photography. It is the art of capturing a subject close up; it makes their face, facial features and expression predominantly. Mac Fashion has a huge amount of experience in all areas of photography, and portrait images we have done for years. Our aim is to focus on the model’s face – to emphasise this area and make it the main attribute to any shot. Our in-house photographers guide models through the posing of portrait shots, advising them on poses to incorporate and what look we are aiming for. We have 4 different approaches we use when doing portrait photography:

  1. Constructionist – We create a certain ambience for the photo, we set the scene
  2. Candid – This is catching the subject unaware, not telling them what you are doing or when. It creates a more natural image.
  3. Environmental – You set a background according to the model or the look you are going for.
  4. Creative – The use of digital manipulation

Portrait photography is also used when doing model head shots in the modelling industry, and is often required within a models portfolio.