Mac Fashion Photography and Posing

strike a pose image


  • Never hold your breath while posing it translates on camera that you’re tense and looks unrealistic, maintain a natural pose.
  • Make sure your limbs are asymmetrical, for example if one arm is straight and by your side, make the other slightly bent and place hand in different place. Gone are the days of symmetrical posing!
  • Don’t always direct your eyes towards the camera mix it up with different eye and head poses, it makes for a better photo.
  • Sitting pose, don’t see this as a welcome break. Do not distribute your weight evenly it will look unsightly on camera and will make certain areas appear bigger. So put your weight on the back of one thigh.
  • Smiling is good for some photos but does not shout out creativity or diversity. So mix things up with a variety of facial expressions and do not pout! Photographers like models who try new things and give a fluid with their poses.
Practice and persevere!