Through the lens of a Lifestyle Photography shoot

lifestyle photography image

Despite the candid elements affiliated with lifestyle photography, many factors are considered when capturing the perfect shot. Mac Studios recognises that lifestyle photography is about creating a story, showing personality, recreating reality and giving a sense of feeling. With a dedicated team of industry experts, Mac Studios possesses a vast amount of experience in this area of photography. Below is an insight into what happens behind the camera to create the ideal shot.

  • Be a step ahead of the shot – A beautiful image can happen without warning. Our team understands the importance of capturing every moment in anticipation of never missing the perfect shot. It’s about knowing what’s going to happen before it happens.
  • The before & after – No moment is insignificant. Mac Studios views the entire experience as an opportunity to tell a story and find our preferred image. This means capturing the moments before and after the intended shot.
  • Natural – Natural looking shots are vital in lifestyle photography. Photographers at Mac Studios achieve candidness by letting a shot naturally unfold. If the angle or lighting is wrong, we reposition ourselves rather than the subject to keep everything looking untouched and natural.
  • Mood builders – Mac Studios strives to create the perfect environment. When telling a story and avoiding contrived-looking shots, it’s imperative models get into character. As this isn’t always easy, our team is always ready to advise, direct, encourage and talk to the models.
  • Getting up close – In lifestyle photography, every detail is essential. This means getting up close to subjects and paying meticulous attention to detail as the story unfolds.
  • Surroundings – Equally important to the finer details of a shot are the environments being photographed. Mac Studios knows that incorporating surroundings can help tell a story by adding a sense of feeling and depth.
  • Props – Props can be a fantastic way to show a model’s personality and bring them out of their shells. The photography experts at Mac Studios utilise props to boost creativity in poses and enhance the feeling of reality in an image.

Mac Fashion Photography can help you capture reality! 

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