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Based in the heart of central London, Mac Studios is the epicentre of photography and modelling information. The highly qualified team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists at Mac Fashion Photography have invaluable experience working with some of the world’s most elite figures in the fashion industry. Regularly working with high-profile clients has made Mac Studios a dominant player in the modelling and TV scene. In recent years, the professionals at Mac Studios have been involved in the production of popular TV shows like Made in Chelsea and Strictly Come Dancing.

Mac Fashion Photography does not only work with those at the very top though, we also assist numerous aspiring models to build that all important, professionally presented set of images that makes up a model’s portfolio. For anyone that is wanting to make a name for themselves in the modelling industry, being in London and shooting in one if its top studios can put you at an advantage. Our clients always go away with a diverse range of images and for those that are raw to this industry, you are able to take with you fresh skills and techniques to your next job. If you’re an aspiring model looking to create a striking portfolio or a company looking for a crack team of professionals to organise a shoot for a product launch, then we at Mac Studios are on hand to help you achieve that with the highest level of quality.

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