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Mac Studios is made up of industry experts. Our team is comprised of in-house hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, set designers and amazingly creative photographers who all have years of experience behind them and know their industry inside out. We are dedicated to giving every client the best professional service.


Team of 4 Focusing on – LIFESTYLE SHOOTS

When selling a product, the advertiser’s duty is to make that product seem like it would be perfect for its target market’s everyday life – adding a real life aspect to the images that they use has become extremely popular. Mac Studios know how important lifestyle photography is to advertising, so we want to help you capture the world as it is – the essence of lifestyle photography. If you want to create a relatable setting then we have the skills and equipment to give you this, as well as some striking and professionally presented photography.

Music & Band Photography - (Team of 6)

Team of 6 Focusing on – BAND PHOTOGRAPHY

Becoming a top band will require a whole lot of musical talent and determination. However, the music industry has evolved in recent years and a band’s image can, in a lot of ways, be more integral to their success than the music. We see bands like the Arctic Monkeys who have transformed their image from a group of raw, young boys into a sophisticated, ‘cool’ band of men that are now more popular than ever. Mac Studios has worked with countless bands on developing album covers and producing band images that they were then able to use to promote themselves to an audience that they felt would enjoy their music. The images that we create are unique and provide you with the platform to start promoting your band to the fullest!

Travel Photography - (Team of 7)

Team of 7 Focusing on – TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY

Mac Studios will shoot you anywhere around the world. Looking to make the backdrop to your shoot more than just a white screen? We are unlimited in how far we will go with our clients to find that perfect setting. We also want to help those that want to document a new, awe inspiring culture that would have been no more than tales and stories to their friends in the past.

Fashion Photography - (Team of 16)

Team of 16 Focusing on – HIGH FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY

For those operating in the high fashion sector of the modelling industry, having a team of highly experienced professionals is essential for creating that editorial feel to the resulting images. All members of our creative team have experience working with some of the industry’s finest editorial magazines, so you can always be assured that you are working with people who know what makes a good editorial picture. As well as employing a crack team of professionals and using top of the range equipment, we are also able to exploit the wonderful locations that London has to offer by being based so centrally. A high fashion shoot can be greatly enhanced just by the set that is behind the model – Mac Studios can bring your vision of a high fashion shoot to life.

Event Photography - (Team of 13)

Team of 13 Focusing on – EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY

Whether it be a fashion show, an art exhibition or a fresh, new club night, Mac Studios are experienced in capturing the soul of an event in pictures. When promoting an event you want to be able to display the huge levels of enjoyment and the feel that the night possessed. Through the use of photographers that have worked at the top of their field, we are able to offer you that slice of your event’s vibe. It is this positive reflection of the aura of your event that will get more people coming the next time and will remind those who attended just how good it was! A successful event needs top quality images.

Portfolio Photography - (Team of 13)

Team of 13 Focusing on – MODEL PORTFOLIOS

To a model a portfolio can be paramount to success, so Mac Studios understand the importance of portfolios. We look to employ only the best creative team and consultants for shooting and then selecting images that show you in the best light. Our team has worked alongside agencies for years and so we know what is sought after in a portfolio. A diverse range of images captured in a number of settings, in different outfits and even different styles can make you a whole lot more desirable. A model that is adaptable to changing looks has a lot more chance of finding themselves filling the void in a casting director’s vision. Mac Studios is here to make sure that is you.

Lucinda – Head of Set Design

Lucinda is our in-house set designer and every shoot we do is given her magic touch. Studio set design plays an imperative part in the whole shoot experience and the end result of the image, so Lucinda plays one of the most important parts in making the end result true perfection.


Mark – Head of Photography

Mark is Mac Fashion's in-house photographer but also head of the photography department. Mark has been in this industry for over 11 years and has some of the best photographic talents we have ever seen.


Susie – Chief Make Up Artist

Susie is Mac Fashion Photography's chief make-up artist and we cant stress enough how much she deserves that title. Susie has worked within the industry for over 13 years and has talents we have never witnessed before.


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What Our Clients Say

darren model mac fashion photography“Thanks so much Mac Studios since doing your shoot my daughter emily has been so successful with two modeling agencies and now has an offer to go to Florida for a modeling shoot. Thanks for all the advice we received while at your studios Emily was amazing. She has been signed by Elizabeth smith agency and MMA agency both work with high profile clients. The feedback we have has about her portfolio and been amazing you really helped us get started she is loving every minute of being a model”

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I would like to send a massive thank you to your team as I had a brilliant experience the shoot you arranged for me has now gone to publication  I am now seeking work with the with your studios on a summer shoot i am planning. I would just like to send you a massive thank you for the great pictures!
Ariel Styling


Just wanted to thank you for an amazing day on Friday. You and your team made the shoot a success. I’ve now submitted the images to Teen Vogue, so fingers crossed! I’d like to make a special mention to Azamat – he really made all the difference with the set design.
West Travel Photography